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Ons is ‘n besigheid wat werklik omgee vir ons kliënte en altyd onberispelike diens lewer. Ons maak altyd seker dat ons u eiendom tot u bevrediging skoonmaak nadat ons u werk voltooi het.

Feel confident with our qualified, experienced tree removal specialists who have extensive experience safely maintaining and removing trees close to dwellings. We listen to you. 

Tree Felling Experts in Centurion

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Climbing Kavin – Tree Felling Centurion is a locally owned and operated company serving the Centurion area. Our diverse team of trained arborists have over 13 years of experience between them with a wide variety of tree knowledge that includes everything from tree felling operations to fruit tree pruning and tree trimming. As a small business our aim is to provide tree services by qualified arborists at affordable prices. By keeping things simple we can offer everything from tree removal to pruning and remain competitive. Contact us today for a free quote. If you live in Centurion Pretoria and are looking for safe, affordable tree removal in Centurion, now you know who to call. Hit that contact us button. 🙂

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Our professional tree felling centurion arborists work to maintain the health, beauty, and longevity of trees. Unfortunately, while many trees live for generations, they are still susceptible to disease, insect infestation, or structural failure that can cut their lives short. Here are a few common reasons Centurion homeowners may need to hire a tree felling centurion arborist to cut down a tree:

  • To mitigate potential safety hazards posed by dead, dying, or damaged tree limbs or entire trees
  • To thin out over-crowded wooded areas, thus providing more light and space for remaining trees to thrive
  • To clear land in advance of new landscaping, construction, or utility rights-of-way

Why Choose Us? Boomsloping Centurion

We pride ourselves on hiring and contributing to the local economy as much as possible, as well as dealing with all aspects of the tree felling Pretoria Centurion. Climbing Kavin – Tree Felling Centurion has built a name for itself on being experts at large scale/dangerous tree felling projects. We always advocate the preservation of our urban forests but when a tree needs to come down for safety reasons or otherwise our team can do it with the absolute minimum impact on your property.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your individual needs are met. We are insured and are happy to provide proof of this upon a client’s request. Our fleet includes 2 support vehicles, as well as a 4×4 bakkie with a long trailer and 1 5 ton truck to get the job done as efficiently as possible. We are affordable and have the best tree pruning prices in south africa and also tree cutting prices near me.

We Provide Peace of Mind

Tree Felling in Centurion Prices

The costs in the table below are to be used as a basic guide. They represent costs for average tree removal in centurion which will increase the larger the tree and the more complex the task.

Tree Felling CostPrice – LowPrice – High
Small trees R500.00R850.00
Medium treesR860.00R2 500.00
Large treesR2 600.00R7 500.00
Huge treesR7 600.00R15 000.00
Tree trimming & pruningR800.00R5 500.00
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Tree Felling Cost FAQs

How much does it cost to fell a tree in Pretoria?

The cost of tree felling is determined by several factors, including the tree’s location, height, trunk width, number of large or high branches and proximity to utility lines. The above table is a guide on what you can expect to pay for tree removal in centurion. Call us (060 585 8769) to get a full detailed accurate quote.

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump?

On the surface, the tree stump may not look like it takes much fuss to remove. However, there’s usually a lot more going on underground that can’t be seen. Stump grinding can cost R2 500+ if the stump is larger and requires the use of a heavy duty stump grinding machine.

How much does tree trimming cost?

As seen in the table, tree trimming centurion and pruning costs start at around R800.00 for a standard job on a small to medium sized tree. However, bigger jobs will naturally cost more – the trimming of larger trees typically costing R3 000. In some cases, a tree felling centurion arborist may even recommend reducing its height or removing the tree entirely.

Tree Removal Centurion 24/7

Aside from tree maintenance, our team also does tree removal (scheduled and emergency) to improve site safety or clear the area. Whether it’s for hazard removal or site preparation for new landscaping or construction, our tree felling crew will first assess the risks and then implement all safety practices when removing the tree.

This requires a high level of expertise because the risks are always there (e.g. working at heights, falling branches, exposure to sun and heat, inaccessible and crowded areas, possible tree infestation). As a result, many Centurion residents and business owners choose our team to perform various kinds of tree work.

Aside from tree felling centurion and maintenance, our services also include:

As a dedicated team, we do each job responsibly (whether it’s tree trimming or waste disposal). This has been our commitment for 10+ years as we complete various tree removal in Centurion and the entire Pretoria Area.

Contact Centurion Tree Felling!

Contact us here today ( +27 60 585 8769 ) if you have any tree-related concern to get a tree felling quotation. Whether it’s tree maintenance, tree felling centurion, stump grinding or tree felling near me, tree felling centurion will complete the job safely and professionally.