Pretoria Stump Grinding

You’ve had a tree removed from your Pretoria home and/or business and now you need stump grinding pretoria service to deal with the stump. Therefore,  Letting Mother Nature gradually wear down the stump is one option though leaving the stump doesn’t allow you many options for restoring your landscape.   

As a full service tree removal company, Climbing Kavin Tree Works also offers stump grinding pretoria as the fastest and least abrasive way to remove your tree stump. 

The size of your tree stump isn’t an issue as Climbing Kavin has a variety of specialized grinders to tackle all stumps, large or small.  Of course, the larger the stump, the longer it takes to grind it into wood chips.

Stump removal offers more choices

Removing your stump offers you the most options as you can plant grass or other trees, and flowers or shrubs where your stump used to be.  You’ll enjoy having us do the work so all you need to do is make plans for the area.

How does stump grinding pretoria work?

Using grinding for removal of a stump works exactly as it sounds.  A machine with a high-speed disk with specially designed teeth grinds the stump and underground roots into small chips.

We’re Experts at Tree Stump Removal

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